Jet NikeStore shoe Bot is the only best Nike add to cart bot or Nike link sniper on net which can help you to win Nike Shoes released by @NikeStore Twitter Account.

Never worry about missing out on a limited @NikeStore release again! The Nike Shoe Bot will automatically buy the shoes for you!

What Nike Shoe Sniper does:

Nikebot Specifications:

— 1. constantly monitor @nikestore in real time for keyword check.
— 2. once the keyword found, sends request to add products to cart. Only takes 270 milliseconds
— 3. login to nikestore with your defined login details.
— 4. Completes the checkout process. enter credit card, billing details and other details.

Comes with A to Z complete instructions on how to use the software.


— 1. Multi profile, allow you to run multiple bot profile at once on single computer. (diffrent login details for nikestore, keywords and credit card information). Therefore you can buy multiple sneakers with multiple nike store profile.
— 2. View cart. allow you to view cart on right on the program (very useful for multiple profile).
— 3. intelligent proxy checker.
— 4. Store profile checker, Allow you to verify if all of your information is correct before you start the daemon.
— 5. Very easy to use interface.
— 6. Fully customizable settings.
— 7. You will be allowed to select sizes with priorities.
— 8. Nikebot allow you to benchmark itself. very useful feature feature to check your internet and the nikebot’s speed.
— 9. Instant tweet detection.

* Winsock Technology

Product Name: NikeStore Shoe Bot
Category: Shoe Bots
Type: Add to Cart Bot auto poster purchaser bot shoe bot
Also Known As: shoe add to cart bot , shoe auto poster , shoe purchaser bot , shoe shoe bot , nikestore shoe bot , shoe bot,...
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