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JET Twitch Chat Bot is a software that logins with multiple accounts (up to 10,000, each having seperate proxies) and access a website containing a live chat on the domain Once in the chat Twitch auto message Bot  follows it with (free subscription) and then take user input from the chat and use the most common word from the last minute, and then repeat that specific key word in the chat. Then once the bot recognizes the certain key word, it will reply with a customizable and Spintax message. The Twitch auto messenger Bot comes with a full GUI and is able to  customise the:

  • The livestream it is entering
  • Amount of bots entering the channel
  • The certain keyword recognised from the chat.
  • The message then replied in the chat.


Product Name: Twitch chat bot
Category: Twitch Bots
Type: auto replier auto responder message sender
Also Known As: twitch auto replier , twitch auto responder , twitch message sender , twitch chat bot , twitch bot,...
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4.5 out of 5 based on 527 reviews.

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Twitch Viewer Bot

JET Twitch Viewer Bot works on and is be able to send bots\viewers to peoples channels that count as viewers, and push follow on their streams. The software works with multiple proxies and multiple accounts . And if twitch updates so the other bots don’t work, We will update the software for your ASAP. The core purpose of the Twitch Views increaser bot is to increase the views of your required Streams.

There’s no replacement for the JET Twitch Auto Viewer Bot on the internet.

Product Name: Twitch Viewer Bot
Category: Twitch Bots
Type: viewer bot views increaser
Also Known As: twitch viewer bot , twitch views increaser , twitch viewer bot , twitch bot,...
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4.5 out of 5 based on 531 reviews.

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